Lopi wood stoves emit no more carbon dioxide into the air than the same amount of wood left to decay
in the forest. And, Lopi wood stoves emit as few as 1.9 grams of particulates per hour. So, heating your
home with a Lopi wood stove is environmentally responsible, and sustainable too, because wood is a
renewable resource.

All Lopi stoves can be fitted with an Outside Air Kit, to allow your stove to draw combustion air from
outside your home, rather than using air from inside your home, which you have already paid to heat.
Together with the very high efficiencies of Lopi’s stove designs, this means that heating your home with
a Lopi wood stove is also a very economical solution. Wood is still a very inexpensive fuel, especially by
contrast with electricity or heating oil. And, for the cost of one high-efficiency gas furnace, you could
own two—perhaps even three!—Lopi wood stoves. So, even if your home is very large, or has multiple
floors, Lopi has a clean, comfortable, and cost-effective heating solution for you!

Lopi has also conquered the concerns around wood stove safety and comfort, especially when starting or refuelling your stove. Lopi is the first and only wood stove manufacturer to offer an optional electric ignition system on some of its models. The GreenStart function allows even a child to safely light the stove, because matches, lighters, and paper are no longer required, and the stove’s door is always tightly closed during the entire start-up process. Just load your stove, close the door, engage the bypass damper, and press a button! Ten minutes later, you have a roaring fire, with no possibility of smokeback into your home. Employ the bypass damper when refuelling, and even with the stove door open, you will experience smokeless comfort and convenience!

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