Natural Gas

Lopi Gas Stove Features List

All Lopi stoves are sealed, direct-vent appliances that do not allow soot, carbon monoxide, or nitrogen dioxide to enter your home. They also prevent moisture build-up in your home, that could contribute to the development of mold. Lopi stoves create comfortable warmth safely, and efficiently.

And, may we also mention, beautifully!

All Lopi gas stoves feature viewing glass on the front panel, and also on both sides, giving you an expansive, panoramic view of your fire. Fabulous finishes include Hand-Rubbed Carbon or Bronze Patinas, and Porcelain Enamels in Majolica Black or Oxford Brown. You can even order custom Stone Accent Kits, for the top and side panels of your stove, in Soapstone, Spice Granite, and Travertine. Whatever your décor, Lopi has the finish to enhance your space!

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